A downloadable game for Windows

There Might Be Ponds is a prototype for an unreleased adventure game created in 2017.

Inspired by long walks in the woods and taking apart VCRs, There Might Be Ponds is a charming puzzle-esque game about exploration, pleasant conversation, and bodies of water.

Play as a lost girl wandering in a strange and beautiful garden. Make new friends and lend them a helping hand through puzzles designed around intimate, tactile interaction.

It’s okay to stay here for a while.

Created in 2017

A controller is required.

Made By:

Levi Rohr - Creative Director
Michael Hamilton - Producer
Eric Winebrenner - Lead Programmer
Drew Matthews - Programmer
Wednesday Hartman - Programmer
Evelyn Carlin - Designer
Campbell Fletcher - Lead Artist
Alexis Faintreny - Environment Artist
Matt Barrett - Animation
Jack Yeates - Sound Designer and Composer


ThereMightBePonds_demo_win.zip 217 MB


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I so thoroughly enjoyed playing this. It's a shame it wasn't released in full because the concept here was very strong and the puzzles, while simple, were innovative and delightful. Keep up the good work, folks!

Ah! Thank you so much!


Hi there Sundae Month, 

My daughter and I love your games. It would be so exciting to see this or any other of the other prototypes released for Mac? Look forward to seeing what you make next! ^_^

Thank you! Unfortunately it's a little challenging as most of these little prototypes are fairly old. We'll keep this in mind though :)

I know I'm pretty late but if you don't have a windows pc you could try running bootcamp on your Mac? It's a tool that comes with Macs I believe that lets you run Windows on there. Not sure if you need a Windows key or not though, since I don't have a Mac.