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SUPER SKY MECH is an action-arcade game that blends a vertical scrolling shooter with an infiltration-based platformer. It was made in the Champlain College game production program.

Pilot your ship across the skies, battling a space invasion! Transform into your humanoid form to board the enemy ships and destroy them from within! Rack up a high score and unlock battle cards to upgrade your next play!

We built SUPER SKY MECH into a working game cabinet, complete with side art and controls. It lives on Champlain College campus in Burlington, VT.


A: Shoot/Slash
D: Special (contextual)

--Ship Mode--
Up Arrow: Thrust
Left/Right Arrows: Turn
Down Arrow: Transform to Person Mode

--Person Mode--
Up Arrow: Transform to Ship Mode (in certain areas)
Left/Right Arrows: Move left or right
Down Arrow: Crouch
S: Jump

Made By:

Ryan Huggins - @TheRyanHuggins
Brook Chipman - @babble_brook
Jack Yeates - @blueskybleu
Matt Leta - @Matt_Leta
Scott Barrett - @Ssardonic
Jeremiah Warm - @JeremiahWarm
Ian Sudol - @IanSudol
Joshua Sharp - LinkedIn
Brent Patenaude - LinkedIn
Paul Webster-Pact - LinkedIn

Created in 2016

Purchase the Soundtrack by Jack Yeates


SuperSkyMech_Windows.zip 124 MB


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PHENOMENAL game! What an incredible experience and concept! I enjoyed how well the game transitioned between the different modes, it was exciting to fly around and quickly infiltrate the ships.

Great game! is there will be a sequel for this game?

None planned sadly. :( I might revisit it in the future. Who knows.